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Choosing Small Mens Socks

What size and style of small mens socks should you choose to suit your feet and where can you buy them

You are probably wondering how you can go wrong with a pair of small mens socks since no-one is generally going to see them while you have shoes on! There are some basic fashion tips that apply to socks regardless of the size of your feet, but since you are on the hunt for small mens socks you will want to know that you could face some challenges ahead, so we are here to point you in the right direction.

Most mens socks are made to fit foot and shoe sizes 7-8 and up, so if your feet are smaller than a size 7-8 you may need to get creative in your shopping habits and visit the boys section, or go to stores or websites that cater specifically to small mens socks and other fashions. You will find plenty of resources on our website for small mens fashions, but if do want to find small mens socks that have been specifically designed for you, then check out a few websites such as and Napoleon’s Tailor.

Your other alternatives are to shop for boys socks which is not the end of the world since they do have a pretty good selection, albeit fairly plain. You can find casual and dress socks in most department stores made by a company called Gold Toe. Old Navy and Gap carry the equivalent of what would be small mens socks in their boys department, in about three or four different color choices. You can get them as small as size 3-4, or in larger fits for shoe sizes 5-6. If you don’t fancy being caught in the boys section at any of these stores, then feel free to visit Gold Toe, or Gap and Old Navy online and shop from the comfort of your home. Athletic socks are going to be a much easier proposition for you since most styles carry through from adults to children, so whether it’s fruit of the loom boys athletic socks, or a pair of Nike socks, you should have no trouble finding them at most department stores and discount retail chains such as Target and Walmart.

Just remember that your choices are just not going to be as vast than if you had size 7-8 or larger feet, so you need to pick your colors wisely. Small mens socks should match the color of your pants, or at least be a shade darker. If for example you have gray or black pants, then a pair of black socks will suffice for both, if you have a pair of beige chinos, a pair of tan socks will work, and that’s good since your color choices are limited. With jeans you can wear either dark blue or black socks.


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