Short Mens Clothing

Choosing Short Mens Suits

Some tips on how you can look good in short mens suits.

Short Body Type

Even though a reasonable amount of clothing stores including some large national retail chains carry short mens suits, it is important to remember that the xxs suits for short men may not be proportionally sized in all areas. This might mean that you will need to visit a tailor for a few adjustments to make sure you are looking your best, and that everything carries well on your short framed body. If you are in a position to financially afford tailor made suits for short men, then by all means this is the suggested way to go in order to avoid any potential disappointment you may have on your next trip to the mall. On the other hand, if you need to purchase off the shelf clothes from stores and websites, you may still be pleasantly surprised that there are quite a few places that have suits for short men that will actually fit you.

A proper fitting short mens suit will convey good taste, professionalism, a certain authority which is important when you are not as tall as others, and finally that you pay particular attention to detail. Just because you are not the ideal height or size, does not give you an excuse to look like a sloppy or lazy dresser.

Try to avoid wearing suit jackets, sport coats, and blazers that have more than 3 buttons, because they will draw unwanted attention to your shorter upper torso. Go with a single breasted jacket because a double breasted one will again draw more attention downwards, making you look wider and shorter. If you do happen to already own, or wish to purchase a double breasted suit, make sure you do up all of the buttons to give you a slimmer and taller look. Even though some will argue over the fashion aspect of a suit jacket with vents being trendier, choose one that is ventless and cut short, preferably to just above the curve of your butt. The affect of this is to make your legs look longer by visually extending their lines.

Most suits for short men will come in one color or pattern, because that’s how you purchase suits, but sport coats and blazers can open you up to having a different colored jacket to your pants. If this is the case, just make sure there is as little contrast as possible between your jacket and trousers to uphold the natural vertical lines giving you a taller look.


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