Short Mens Clothing

Choosing Short Mens Shorts

What size and style of short mens shorts should you choose to suit your body

Now that we are talking about short mens shorts and the fact that not all of your body is going to be completely covered, it is probably important to mention a few pointers as it relates to your body and appearance.

It’s no secret that staying fit and in shape is going to make you look and feel your best, but if you are a short man with a few extra pounds you want to do all you can to trim the excess fat so you don’t look broader and stubbier. You will be surprised at how much you can add to your height by shedding some weight, and you will feel that much better in yourself. Now regardless of whether you are carrying around some extra weight, or have a lean and athletic body, the length and style of your shorts should be the same.

Short mens shorts should come to down to your knee or just above it so you need to pick styles that adhere to this. The natural tendency for a person with really skinny or large legs is to try and cover as much of them up as they can, but this is a mistake for a short man because it will just make you look even shorter.

Short mens cargo shorts can be a good choice because they are fashionable and popular, but try and pick a pair that doesn’t have tons of pockets. Two regular pockets and one cargo pocket on the right hand leg is adequate, and if you buy a pair with 5 or more pockets it will just look like you have a bunch of material around the lower part of your body, and that in turn will make you look wider, which in turn will make you look shorter. Cleaner cuts are preferred in the short mens shorts category, preferably with just two normal pockets, and the rest of the short legs tailored and following the natural lines of your thighs to give you a taller appearance.

What you will find when it comes to finding appropriately fitting shorts, and use this to your advantage, is that many boys styles will work better for you because of their size and cut. Don’t be afraid to look around the boys department, or shop online, because you will be pleasantly surprised at how well they will fit, and how good they will look on you. If you need to find a nice pair of swimming trunks, go with something that falls to around your knee and look at board shorts that will not inflate like a parachute when you get in the water. Board shorts do generally have a snugger fit whether wet or dry, and that is what you need to keep you looking as tall as possible.


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