Short Mens Clothing

Choosing Short Mens Shirts

Some common fashion mistakes when shopping for short mens shirts

There are certain things to take in to consideration before you go out and purchase short mens dress shirts such as the style, pattern, and color, which are all important factors that can make you look taller than you actually are.

These days you have more choice and selection when it comes to short mens dress shirts thanks in part to designers who lean more on the side of form fitting than they do baggy. Short mens shirts should hug the lines of your body where possible to avoid you having to tuck in any excess fabric which usually comes untucked over time and lends itself to a slack and messy appearance. When it comes to short mens dress shirts for wearing at work or to a professional function, go with pointed collars versus spread collars to give yourself a more elongated look in your neck area. When looking for a clean professional look, always keep your shirt tucked in, but if you are in a casual setting and your shirt fits you properly, untuck it to take away from emphasizing your shorter legs.

If you can, steer clear of plaid and checkered shirts and opt for vertical pin stripes to make your upper torso look longer and your overall appearance taller. If you can closely match the color of your shirt with the color of your jacket you will avoid too much of a contrast between the two which can break up your frame and make you look shorter. In general, look to purchase short mens shirts that are darker in color but made of a light or medium weight fabric. Darker colors, in particular black, have a propensity to create a slimming effect, which in turn makes a shorter man look more elongated. On the other hand, if you opt for a heavier fabric shirt, they tend to make you look bulkier and shorter.

It is particularly important with short mens shirts to make sure you go with the most comfortable fit versus the actual size. What might be an extra small at one store or website may be a small at another store. There are size conversion guidelines that you can find on the internet to give you a rough idea of the corresponding sizes as they relate to collar size, arm length, and chest depth in inches. If you are shorter than 5 feet 5 inches, you may need to seriously come to terms that some of your clothes will need to be custom tailored or altered, and failing that, you might need to start shopping in the boys section of department stores.


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