Short Mens Clothing

Choosing Short Mens Pants

How to wear short mens pants properly, and what style, size, and length to look for:

Regardless of your size or height, the fit of a man’s clothing is the decisive factor in how his appearance leaves an impression on others. Short mens pants are going to be one of those items of clothing that you do not want to get wrong because so much attention is paid to this area of the body. You don’t want to be seen in a pair of pants for short men that are baggy and bunched up, it will do nothing for your appearance or your credibility.

The biggest challenge when shopping for short mens pants is invariably going to be finding a pair that is not too long in the leg. If you are in the 5 feet 6 inch to 5 feet 9 inch category you should be OK with small and extra small sizes, but beware, not all waist and inside leg measurements are the same across all designers. Go with a pair that fits you the best and feels most comfortable, not just according to your measurements.

What you are aiming for in a pair of pants for short men, is not to have them bunch up at the bottom of your leg and sit awkwardly on the top of your shoes, or even have the hems get caught under your shoes as you walk. Firstly, the hem should be plain and not have cuffs since they break up an otherwise smooth seam which cuts inches off your legs and makes you look shorter. Secondly, avoid majorly baggy or tapered pants, and instead go for ones that sit higher on your waist, but not so high that you look like a nerd, just enough to give the impression that your legs are a few inches longer based on where people see them ending higher up on your waist. If you are running in to challenges finding short mens pants that are too long in the leg, take them to a reputable tailor so that your bottoms are always the correct length.

If your jackets, sweaters, and shirts are darker or lighter in color, find a pair of pants in a similar matching color if you can. If you end up buying pants that are too much of a color contrast to the top you are wearing it will visually cut you in half and make you look short. Likewise, if you go with a massively thick belt, you will draw all the attention to this area of your body, and again create the impression of being cut in half. Try and find a more subdued narrow belt that basically blends in with the short mens pants you will be wearing and does not detract from your desired stretched out look. Also, your pants should break on your shoes slightly more than usual, to help make your legs look longer by covering your socks adequately.


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