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Choosing Short Mens Jeans

What style of jeans of short mens jeans should you be shopping for and some tips on how to look taller

In general, thicker materials such as denim do make for a smoother, straighter appearance, which in turn helps to make you look taller, but you do have to be careful when choosing jeans for short men because some of the styles available will simply not flatter your short frame, and can end up making you look even shorter than you actually are.

Jeans for short men do come in all styles and sizes, not dissimilar to those of normal sized jeans, and you are certainly not going to run in to any issues where the leg of your jeans are too long, in fact, if you are 5 feet 5 inches or shorter, you may end up having to visit a tailor to have the legs taken up, and here’s why. A common mistake since denim is sturdier, is to settle for a longer leg and let it bunch up around your ankles and at the top of your shoes. Avoid this look because the 2-3 inches of bunched up jeans around your ankles are effectively going to take 2-3 inches off your height, and you want your legs to look as long as possible. Additionally you will ruin a pair of jeans, or any pants for that matter if they are too long because their natural tendency will be to get caught up underneath your shoes, which could not only trip you up, but will fray and get dirty, and you will be making a trip to the store for another pair sooner rather than later.

As far as the particular style of short mens jeans goes, stick with boot-cut or straight-leg. You want the lower part of your body to look elongated and these styles will hug to your legs more and give you that more slender, long-legged look. Try to wear your jeans just above your hips, not too high so it looks unnatural, but not so low that they are hanging below your hips. Even though it is trendy to wear low-rise jeans, they will only make your legs and overall body look shorter. There are still plenty of stylish and fashionable straight-leg and boot-cut jeans for short men out there, so you have no need to worry.

Wearing an appropriately sized shirt with a pair of short mens jeans is important because if you can find a fitted shirt, let it hang out of your jeans and form to the natural curves of your body. If the style of the shirt simply has to be tucked in, just make sure that it does not create any puckering around the hips, which usually occurs if your shirt is too long and that there is too much excess material. This, coupled with keeping your front jeans pockets as empty as possible will avoid making you look broader, which it turn will make you look shorter.


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