Short Mens Clothing

Choosing Short Mens Coats & Jackets

Some tips on how to look your best in short mens jackets.

When dressing any body type it is more about emphasizing what is great about yourself and toning down the features that you don’t care for so much. Short mens coats are no exception, and you have to bear in mind that you could be dressed really well underneath your jacket, but because of maybe the temperature being too cold, not many people are going to see your fashion statement beyond the coat, so you need to choose wisely.

If you are a lean or athletic short man then you will be pleased to know that most fashion labels have shrunk down the size of their garments to more form-fitting styles. This does apply particularly to coats and jackets, so finding really sharp and fashionable clothes in this area shouldn’t be a big issue for you. You do need to know a few things about what type of style and material will look best on your short body frame, so let’s get right to it.

Try to find a coat with a zipper as opposed to buttons. Buttoned coats are stylish, but they draw people’s attention to them and make your upper body look shorter. Zippered coats create more fluid lines and don’t break up your body, and allow people to look at you from head to toe, giving you the appearance of being taller, as opposed to looking at you in two sections.

Short mens jackets made out of leather are always a good option because the material creates a less bulky and sleeker look which naturally elongates your torso. Most leather jackets are zippered, so you have that base covered, and dark brown/espresso or black are good color options to go with. If you are looking to be adventurous you can also wear leather moto-cross style jackets or bomber jackets which typically come in shorter cuts. Bomber jackets are particular nice, not just because they are very fashionable, but because they are cut loose to give you the breathing room you need in a short mens coat, but they also fit snuggly for a trim looking exterior fit. Another great feature is the big collars they come with that you can stand up, elevating your upper torso making it look longer, and you that bit taller.

Try to avoid short mens jackets that have vents at the back or side, while they do lend themselves to a more regal look, you do not want additional breaks in your jacket, and it should be solid and uninterrupted for that taller look. If sport jackets are going to be part of your closet, make sure they are single breasted and have no more than three buttons.


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