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Choosing Mens Narrow Shoes

What type of mens narrow shoes will be most suitable for short men?

The overall goal of a shorter man is to look taller than he actually is, but you still must bear in mind that you have to be comfortable as well, so don’t make this your only goal. A pair of mens narrow shoes can make or break the appearance of a short man, but always remember when trying on shoes for short men, you should first focus on comfort since you are going to be on your feet for several hours a day or evening, and there is nothing worse than wearing shoes that are not comfortable.

As men, regardless of our size, we certainly do not have as many shoes in our closet as our female counterparts, in fact most men are happy with just 2-3 pairs, but in reality it is just not adequate enough when you factor in the different social and business settings you find yourself in. Even in the shoes for short men category, you do have choices, so don’t feel like you shouldn’t have at least 5-6 different pairs for all occasions.

The first step to finding the right sized mens narrow shoes is to get your feet measured when you next go shopping. Knowing the length of your feet is one thing, but the width is going to be crucial since mens narrow shoes are identified by letters of the alphabet. More normal sized shoes are E & D for medium to wide feet, but since you have narrow feet, you will need to be on the look out for size C.

Since increasing your height is not your only goal don’t start thinking that you need to find shoes that have 1” or more chunky rubber heels, just so you can gain an inch or so in height. What you will do is make yourself look like a school boy who doesn’t know how to dress himself properly in a suit. We are not saying that thicker heels aren’t the way to go, just not rubber, and not with a suit. Instead, look for dress shoes that have a slight heel, either a ¼” or ½” with proper leather soles. If you need to get an extra lift from these shoes you can always insert some thicker insoles which may help you in more ways than just your height. Mens narrow shoes are still sometimes too big for short men with small feet, so inserting an insole will actually help your foot fill the shoe a bit better, and can easily take a loose heeled shoe, and turn it in to a very comfortable fit.

With jeans or a pair of chinos, try finding mens narrow shoes in bulkier styles so your feet do not look as small. For added height you may want to look at dress boots that usually come with a much thicker heel. Your straight-legged jeans can cover the top of your boots so they will look like normal shoes while you are still gaining from the added height. Spanish and Italian shoes are usually more pointed and narrower in style, so you may just find yourself in a pair of these narrow mens shoes because firstly they fit you properly, and secondly they will make your feet look bigger because of their longer more pointed style.


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