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Choosing Clothes for Short Men

Check out these selections of stores where you can find clothing for short men

It used to be quite difficult finding clothes for short men, but fashion designers from all around the world have embraced the fact that there is a real need to accommodate men who are 5 feet 6 inches or less. The good news when it comes to buying clothing for short men is that you do have options when it comes to alterations, whether that be an extra inch taken off a pair of pant legs, or maybe the length of a suit jacket needs taking up to make it fit perfectly.

Let’s jump right in and start exploring your options for stores that carry clothing for short men.

Napoleon’s Tailor, which is appropriately named, is a store based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now if you are not in or around this area they do sell a lot of their clothing for short men on their website. As the name suggests, they solely cater to short men’s fashions and they boast over 10,000 items to choose from. Clothes for short men are not an afterthought at Napoleon’s Tailor and they promise to deliver the best fit you have ever had in clothes. So if it’s Sport Shirts, Dress Shirts, Casual Pants, Dress Slacks, Sweaters, Outerwear, Suits & Sport Coats you are looking for in slim or portly sizes, they have you covered. is a website that exclusively caters towards the short male who has issues finding clothes that fit properly. The owners of the business were tired of running in to the same issues themselves and decided to help people who fit in to the clothing for short men category. They carry a large selection of clothes which are available through their website from brands you can trust such as, Ben Sherman, Red House, Port Authority, Alternative Apparel, and more. They sell everything from outerwear to sleepwear, and swimming trunks to golf clothing.

Banana Republic (BR) is a well-known chain of retail stores that is part of Old Navy and Gap. A lot of clothes sold through BR are mostly designed to fit slimmer and smaller body types, and definitely conform to the appropriate style in clothing that short men should be looking for. The good news is that they have a specific section of clothing for short men, including dress shirts, casual shirts (short and long-sleeved), polos and tees, sweaters, pants, and outerwear. You can visit one of their 550 + stores throughout North America to receive friendly fashion and sizing advice from any one of their associates, or you can visit their website and access a handy sizing chart that will help you better make decisions on what clothes will fit you properly. All of their sizes are converted in to inches for your waist, chest, neck, sleeve, or belt, so you should really have no problems establishing what size will fit you.

Whether you choose to shop online, or visit a convenient retail location, you should find something to suit your small body frame, and if all else fails you can always visit a tailor to make the appropriate alterations.


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