Short Mens Clothing

Choosing Short Mens Clothes

Here are some important things to consider about your body size when shopping for short mens clothes:

In order to qualify in the short mens clothing category, a man must be 5 feet 6 inches or less in height, which means that either your torso or legs are shorter than the average man. Short mens wear is designed for all kinds of different body frames, so if you are heavyset, thin, muscular, or athletic, there are short mens clothes out there to suit your specific body type.

Some of the more common characteristics that short men share are their height, girth/waistline, weight, length and size of their legs and arms, and the width of their shoulders and depth of their chest. These are all different facets that can make it hard to shop for short mens clothing, but nonetheless, they are still important points to consider when purchasing short mens clothes.

The key is to success for a short man is to accentuate the great parts of your body while downplaying the features that you are not so proud of. Much to people’s astonishment, it is actually easier to dress a short body type versus a tall, large one. Don’t believe us? Well think about the last time you saw a tailor or a store offering to lengthen pants or make the waist larger! Yes, that’s right, if you do happen to find some short mens clothing that you absolutely have to have in your closet, and the pants just happen to be a bit too long, you can have them taken up fairly inexpensively!

The good news for the leaner, more athletic short man is that there are many designers out there that accommodate your body type because trimmer fitting clothes are back in vogue now, and look like they are going to be around for a long time. European and Japanese designers for example, focus on designing short mens clothing that are more suited to their countrymen who are generally shorter and slimmer compared to their American counterparts.

As a general rule of thumb, you want to find straight fitting clothes in both tops and pants, that are not baggy and bunching up at the bottom of your legs or around your waist. Think along the lines of v-necked tops, pointed collars on dress shirts, and boot cut or straight legged pants.


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